This is how a Chinese / Chinese-American family does Christmas:
(by row, left to right, starting with the nearest row)

▪ Fried beancurd skin rolls
▪ Tofu soup with wood mushrooms, and pork meatballs
▪ Sticky rice with Chinese sausage, shitake mushrooms, and scallions
▪ Marbled tea-braised eggs
▪ Sauteed cauliflower with tomatoes
▪ Sliced gelatinous marinated beef, served cold
▪ “Red-braised” short ribs
▪ Dried beancurd, pork, bamboo shoots
▪ Potato salad, peas, ham
▪ Sauteed string beans with pork and pickled turnip
▪ Milk-boiled corn
▪ Braised Napa cabbage with vermicelli and “Lion’s head” pork meatballs
▪ (Unidentified dish)
▪ Shrimp, possibly with peashoots
▪ Braised oxtail soup with carrots, celery, onions
▪ (Unidentified dish)
▪ Shredded tofu with scallions
▪ Bitter melon with ham
▪ Fruit salad
▪ Honey-baked ham
▪ Stir-fried rice cakes with cabbage, pork, mushrooms
▪ Sauteed beansprouts with scallion



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